Faulty Equipment Claims

Using equipment is something that you do on a daily basis. You take for granted that it works well and you know exactly how to use it effectively. However, this complacency can lead to accidents and it is important that all equipment, particularly if it is potentially dangerous, is checked and maintained on a regular basis. If you have been injured by faulty equipment, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

Hazardous equipment is used in a range of industries. Common examples include construction site tools and vehicles, industrial cleaning equipment and other industrial machinery. Training needs to be given to all employees using the equipment, to make sure it is used in the right manner and does not break through incorrect use. This will protect them and their colleagues from injury through unnecessary accidents.

Risk assessments are the best way to highlight the dangers of machinery and equipment to workers. This way current and future staff will know how to act around the equipment without and risk to themselves or others. Employees should also be supervised by a manager or experienced colleague until they feel confident in operating the machinery independently.

Accidents Caused by Faulty Equipment

There are many ways faulty equipment could endanger a worker. A few of examples of this include:

  • Unguarded machinery or tools causing cuts, bruising, scarring or even amputation
  • Objects flying off power tools and hitting you in the eye/eyes
  • Falling from height through collapsing or unsecured scaffolding
  • Electrical shock from faulty equipment including plugs, sockets and power tools
  • Falling from a ladder with an unstable base or loose rung
  • Objects not being secured high up and falling on you from height

Employers have a duty of care to their staff and are obligated by health and safety legislation to ensure this is upheld.

The laws regarding unguarded machinery are declared in The Management of Health and Safety at Work Act of 1999. This states that employers are obliged to ensure that machinery is guarded if there is a risk of a person catching their hands, clothing or other items that may lead to an injury. If this has not been done the employer may not only face compensation claims against them, but may also be liable to pay a fine to the Health and Safety Executive.

Making a Faulty Equipment Accident Claim

If you have been affected financially by an accident at work then you should not hesitate to making a claim for compensation, and usually the faster you do so the better. You should not worry about the implications of doing so – all employers are obligated to hold insurance which protects them in the event of any claims being made against them because of personal injury. Your claim may also benefit current and future employees from the risk of the incident happening again, as better training may be introduced as a result.

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