Work Accident Compensation Claim

An accident at work covers a whole range of ways that someone can be injured in an accident at the workplace. Every employer is required by law to provide a safe, hazard-free working environment to avoid accidents at work. Employees injured in the course of their employment may be entitled to claim work accident compensation.

Work accident claims can be made if there was no action from the employer to prevent the accident from occurring. In other words, if they have failed to train their staff appropriately into the dangers of work accidents, or have not carried out risk assessments to highlight these hazards, then they are liable for any accidents that happen on their premises.

Common Accidents at Work

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Employers are obligated to possess employers’ liability insurance in the event that someone makes aclaim for compensation against them. This insurance cover protects them financially if they need to make large payouts to injured employees.

Work Accident Compensation Claim – Why Do It?

We find many people are unsure about making a work accident compensation claim as they still work for their employer, or are on good terms with them. However, the employers’ liability insurance protects them personally from any financial loss. There is no reason why making a claim for compensation would have any implications on a working relationship.

It is also important to remember that if you are thinking about making a claim then you only have three years from the date of your accident to do so. The timing of your claim is crucial and you should acquire the services of a personal injury solicitor as soon as possible to help you with your case. Having the help of a specialist in accident at work claims in the UK, like Ashley Ainsworth can be invaluable.

Accidents at work can tear lives apart. For some the accident may only be light, for example a broken bone and they may be able to recover in a few weeks. Some however are even more unfortunate and suffer horrific accidents that can cause lifelong injuries. In either case, work accident compensation is designed to help people get back on their feet. It is likely that you would have a loss of income by being off work whilst you are recovering. You may also feel that you deserve compensation for damages, as many accidents can be traumatic and leave you with psychological problems.

Making a Work Accident Compensation Claim

If you have had an accident at work you must fill in an accident report form accurately and as soon as possible. If possible, taking a photograph acts as an important piece of evidence in the success of pursuing a claim. (Cameras on mobile phones are useful here). Take names and statements from any witnesses. Also, notify your union rep of the accident, as they may be able to give you information as to whether similar accidents have occurred previously.

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