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Pedestrian accidents can be a common occurrence on certain roads and injuries sustained can be particularly severe in high speed collisions. Many feel that they can cross a road without any danger, whilst motorists often forget about the dangers of a pedestrian walking out into the road. Pedestrians injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault could be entitled to make a pedestrian accident claim for compensation.

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Pedestrians have the freedom to walk where cars and other vehicles cannot go. However, this can be a hindrance when you want to go somewhere that involves crossing a road that is busy with traffic. It’s an unfortunate fact that pedestrians are killed every single day of the year, and that doesn’t look set to change unless far stricter measures are put in place to protect them.

The Highway Code states that if a pedestrian has deemed it safe to cross the road, by checking that both ways are clear, then they have the right of way to continue crossing. Similarly, if a car driver comes around the junction onto another road that you are crossing as a pedestrian, they must allow you to finish crossing the road and should never intimidate you to move out of their way.

Unfortunately, a large number of drivers don’t follow these rules, believing that roads are just made for them and their use, and this is when a pedestrian accident will occur.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Although many statistics claim to have reduced year on year, the numbers for pedestrian accidents still seem very high. The 2007 figures show:

  • Nearly a quarter of a million people were involved in a pedestrian accident, ranging from slight injury to death
  • There were 2946 fatalities – caused by a pedestrian – motor vehicle collision
  • 27,774 suffered serious injuries

Making a Pedestrian Accident Compensation Claim

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Making a claim for compensation after a pedestrian accident can be complex and it is important to have a specialised personal injury claim solicitor on board in order to run your case successfully for you.

Many drivers will argue that you were at fault for the accident as you walked out in front of traffic. However, if you deemed it safe to do so then they would be liable. A solicitor would be an expert at weighing up the facts of the case and deciding who is responsible for the accident. They will have experience of dealing with hundreds of similar cases before and will be able to let you know the likely outcome and compensation amount you could receive, depending on your injuries and circumstances.

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