Cycle Accident Compensation Claims

Claim Compensation for Cycle Accident Injuries

The injuries sustained in a cycle accident can range from light to very severe. Due to the exposed nature of a cyclist; sharing the road with vehicles much more powerful than them, they face a high level of danger every time they make a journey. If you’ve been injured in a cycle accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

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Cycling has emerged as a very popular way to get around in modern times. With petrol prices higher than ever, and car drivers being taxed by the government for their polluting fumes, many are turning to their bikes as a cheap, efficient and ‘green’ way to get around.

However, with more bikes there are inevitably more accidents. And, although the numbers of cyclists are increasing, so is the number of cars and other vehicles. With a worryingly large number of motorists not knowing how to act around cyclists on the road; e.g. by not giving them enough space or driving too fast past them, cycle accidents are an all too regular occurrence.

Cyclists are also vulnerable to road conditions, such as potholes and other defects, as well as ice and wet/slippery surfaces. In any circumstance, if the accident was caused by somebody else, and you have suffered an injury because of it, the person responsible will be liable for a compensation claim against them.

Cycle Accident Statistics

In 2007 over 16,000 cycle accidents were reported that led to anything from slight injury to death. However, many cycle accidents are never reported, therefore this number is likely to be much higher than the recorded statistics. Other figures show:

  • Around 2,500 people were killed or seriously injured whilst riding their bikes in 2007
  • About a quarter of these are children up to the age of 16
  • 90% of cycle accidents happen in urban areas, with junctions and roundabouts the biggest danger areas
  • 80% of cyclist casualties are male, with only 20% female
  • Three quarters of cyclists killed die from major head injuries

Making a Compensation Claim after a Cycle Accident

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There are a number of steps that you as a cyclist can take to try and reduce the threat of having an accident whilst on the road. Examples of this can include wearing high-visibility reflective clothing. Fixing rear and front lights to your bike can also increase your visibility to other road users in dark conditions. However, it is difficult to judge the attitude of other drivers and you can be injured by someone else’s negligent actions even if you take all the right steps to protecting yourself.

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