Child Accident Compensation Claims

Claiming Compensation for an Injured Child

Children are possibly the most at risk of being injured in a road accident. Their energetic nature, along with not being as aware of the dangers posed by a busy road or speeding traffic can often end in disaster. If you are interested in making a claim for compensation following a child accident then we are here to help.

Around 5000 children are killed or seriously injured every year and many of these accidents occur when a child is walking or playing near a road. Despite being more educated to road dangers, the likeliness of a child being involved in an accident on the road increases as they begin to get nearer the age of 16. This is because it is believed that children of teenage age feel braver and more daring than younger children, who may be scared about getting hurt.

In some circumstances drivers travel far too quickly for the conditions. Housing estates with cars parked on the roads are particularly dangerous, as children can often run out from behind cars at the last minute, making it almost impossible to see them coming. Children also play games with their friends and neighbours on the streets. They therefore may be running after a football or other toy that has fallen into the road without warning. It is here that they are particularly susceptible to accidents.

Child Accident Statistics

The statistics for child accidents display the very real danger that cars and other road traffic poses to children. Some of the facts include:

  • 2/3rds of child accidents happen when they are walking or playing near the road
  • Around 2/3rds of child road accidents happen to boys
  • A child from a low-income family is five times more likely to be killed in a road accident that one from a high-income family
  • Children from ethnic minorities are up to twice as likely to be involved in an accident
  • Children with hearing difficulties are 10 times more at risk of being in an accident

Making a Child Accident Compensation Claim

Parents and guardians are often oblivious to the rules of claiming for a child accident and many are hesitant to do so. However, if a child has been injured and you suffer a financial loss because of it or the child has been permanently injured and will need funds to pay for care and treatment, claiming compensation is something that should seriously be considered.

Using a personal injury claim solicitor that deals with child accident claims is important as they will be able to consider the facts of the case and help determine who is at fault for the injuries. They will then be able to look at the best way to get the full amount of compensation your child is entitled to to make sure subsequent care is paid for.

Here at Ashley Ainsworth we are able to put you in contact with a solicitor who is experienced in child accident claims.

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