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Whiplash Injury Road Accident Claims

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries that those involved in car accidents suffer. The pain it causes can be light or severe, and last from anything from a few days to a permanent basis. If you have sustained a whiplash injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault and the pain has reduced your quality of life, you may be entitled to make a whiplash compensation claim.

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The Causes of a Whiplash Injury

The term ‘Whiplash’ is reserved for victims of a specific type of accident. Whiplash can only be caused when your vehicle is hit from behind – an action which puts a high amount of pressure on your neck and back muscles. As your body is usually ‘strapped in’ to the body of the car using a seatbelt, your head and neck can still move about freely. This means that a sudden movement causes your neck to be thrown forward, and this can vary in severity depending on circumstances including speed and the weight of the vehicles involved.

Although people in the car behind may suffer similar injuries, they are not classed as whiplash as no vehicle hit them from behind causing them to lurch forwards in the same way.

The Symptoms of a Whiplash Injury

Pain experienced from a whiplash injury may be felt immediately after an accident, but often it isn’t felt until a few days later. The most common symptoms include pain in the neck, back and shoulders.

Whiplash is extremely common and makes up a large amount of road traffic accident personal injury compensation claims. In 2007 around 430,000 people made whiplash compensation claims. This means that whiplash claims counted for around 75% of all motor insurance claims made that year. Find out more about the average claim for whiplash here.

Whiplash can lead to mild pain for a few days. It can also lead to severe lifelong whiplash pain or even disability. Head and neck movement can be restricted, whilst if the cervical spine is damaged a sufferer can experience persistent pain. Of course, all whiplash injuries depend on the person and the circumstances in which the accident was caused. Find out more about how long whiplash lasts here, or information onwhiplash in children here.

Making a Whiplash Compensation Claim

A whiplash compensation claim is relatively straightforward. This is because, in the eyes of the law if you are hit from behind, the driver of that vehicle is always liable for the accident, whatever the circumstances. Usually they will argue that you braked suddenly and this is what caused the crash.

However, it’s usually the case that they were following you far too closely – known as tailgating. A driver should always leave the correct amount of distance (around 2 seconds) between themselves and the car in front to allow them enough time to stop in an emergency. In most whiplash accidents this has not happened and they have hit you as a result.

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Of course you cannot get whiplash compensation if the symptoms are only very light. A whiplash accident claim is only usually accepted if the whiplash has caused you pain for a period of over two weeks. Recieve the whiplash payout you deserve through Ashley Ainsworth.

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