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Rail Company Fined after Man Injures Hands in Two Separate Work Accidents

A rail infrastructure company has been fined after a man injured his hands in two separate accidents at work.

Keith Hawley was working at Balfour Beatty Rail Track Systems Ltd on the occasion of both accidents. The first occurred in May 2009 when he was moving a piece of rail track into a press machine. His right hand was injured when it became accidentally trapped between the rail and a roller.

The second accident happened close to a year later in almost identical circumstances. His left hand was accidentally crushed this time and severely injured. The first accident left him with a broken finger, whilst the second caused such crush damages to his little finger that it had to be partially amputated.

The Health and Safety Executive’s investigation found that the machine did not have adequate guarding. The company was in the process of installing a safety guard system after the issue was highlighted by the first accident. However, the guarding system had not been fitted at the time of the second accident.

The HSE prosecuted Balfour Beatty Rail Track Systems Ltd for breaking health and safety law. A fine of £8,000 was issued at court last week after the firm were found guilty of the charges.

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