Retail Injury Claims

Many accidents happen every year in shops, supermarkets and retail premises. All retail operators have a duty of care to both employers and to customers. This means that if they have failed to provide a safe environment for you to be in and you have suffered an accident and injury as a result, then you are eligible to claim compensation. Ashley Ainsworth can help you to make a retail injury claim and get the maximum amount of compensation possible.

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Accidents in shops and supermarkets as a customer

The most common accident in retail premises suffered by customers, are slips, trips and falls. It is a legal responsibility of all shop owners to protect your safety. One part of this is covered in law by the Occupiers Liability Act 1957, making most compensation claims straightforward. All wet floors and other hazards should be marked with a warning sign, and all spillages of food should be cleaned up quickly and thoroughly. If you have slipped or tripped on spilt food, discarded packaging, obstacles in the aisles, or suffered injury from goods falling from shelves then we can help you.

If you suffer an accident in a supermarket, it is important but not crucial to gather evidence at the scene if you wish to make a supermarket accident compensation claim. This includes taking the names of witnesses and pictures of the accident scene if possible. You should also report the accident to the store manager or to customer services. Contact us for more information on making a retail injury claim.

Accidents at work in retail premises

Accidents while working in retail premises are also more common than you think. In the yearly period between 2008 and 2009 there were 14 fatal accidents at work in the retail sector. In the same period, there were a total of 3,427 work accidents in the retail sector which resulted in major injuries to employees.

Shop owners have a duty to their employees in the same way that any other business does. If you injure yourself in an accident because they have failed in this duty then you are entitled to make a retail injury claim for compensation on a no win no fee basis.

Some of the most common accidents at work in the retail sector are shown below:

Employers have liability insurance to cover them from compensation claims against them. Employers are legally prohibited from disciplining staff for making a compensation claim against them, and many people are comforted by the thought that making a claim may stop a similar accident from happening to someone else in the future. Ashley Ainsworth can take your retail injury claim on a no win no fee basis.

Retail injury compensation claims

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