Personal Injury Claim Case Studies

Case One – Pavement accident

Mrs T was shopping in her local high street when she blindly stepped into a deep hole in the pavement left there from pipe maintenance works. She fell and broke her ankle, meaning she had to take time off work and could not perform common everyday tasks for weeks.

Expert knowledge was required to prove liability and negligence in leaving such a hole in the pavement, but justice prevailed, and Mrs T received £7,100 in compensation. The hole was quickly filled to ensure no one else became injured as a result.

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Case Two – School Accident

Mrs M’s son was using a climbing frame in a supervised lesson when the frame lurched violently, causing him to fall to the ground. He broke his arm in the incident and had to be taken to hospital.

The school was found to be negligent in its care of Mrs M’s son as the frame was not secured correctly and safely. She received £5,450 compensation on behalf of her son. She also received an apology from the school.

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Case Three – Dog bite attack

Mr J was playing with his children in the park when a dog that had been let off the leash by its owner attacked him without warning. It caused severe lacerations and bruising to his arm, and he required a hospital visit.

It was proved that the dog had previous history of being aggressive and that its owner should have done more to control it. He was awarded a total of £1,800 in compensation for the attack.

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* These case studies are intended as a guide only, and in no way should be taken as a guaranteed payout level or legal advice in any specific case.

Each case is unique and advice should be sought by our trained professionals about your exact circumstances.

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