No Win No Fee Compensation Claims

Many of the claims that we deal with at Ashley Ainsworth are done so on a No Win No Fee basis. Win or lose, you won’t need to fork out a penny to get the compensation you deserve following your accident.

The term ‘No Win No Fee’ is one that is used regularly on TV and other advertisements for personal injury firms. Before this, people had to take a chance on making a claim, splashing out in the hope that they would win. This often meant that claiming was limited to the wealthy, and those on poorer incomes often missed out on getting justice for their injuries.

However around the turn of the century Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA’s) were introduced and became the norm in personal injury compensation claims. CFA’s; more commonly known as No Win No Fee agreements opened up the doors for thousands more people to claim compensation rightfully – helping them financially if they have been forced to miss work or pay medical expenses unexpectedly.

Unfortunately, No Win No Fee agreements do not cover all claim types. Criminal compensation claims such as those for physical assault must be reported to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). Similarly, all hit and run and uninsured driver claims must go through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau. These bodies (both of which are government run) do not work on a win/lose basis. Instead they are likely to offer you a fixed sum which is usually non-negotiable.

No Win No Fee Injury Solicitor

With solicitors charging by the minute for their time, how can they afford to work on personal injury claim cases without charging the client?

When a no win no fee injury solicitor agrees a case through us we take out after the event insurance (ATE) for them on your behalf. ATE covers the solicitor’s fees in the event of a case loss. However, if they win the case for you, ATE costs are recovered from the losing side.

Similarly, if your no win no fee injury solicitor wins your case, they will be awarded legal costs to cover the case at its conclusion. This will be separate from your compensation award and you will not have to pay a penny towards it.

Making a No Win No Fee Compensation Claim

Making a claim for compensation has never been easier and financially risk free. With not a penny to pay to start your claim, there really is nothing to lose. You may not have even thought about claiming previously, and not realised that there could be money available for you. Or, you may be one of the many people who waste time contemplating whether it is worth picking up the phone and talking to someone about their accident and finding out whether they are entitled to compensation.

With Ashley Ainsworth there are no gimmicks, no catches, just plain, straightforward advice. Our years of experience mean we offer professional service with a high success rate.

For your No Win No Fee compensation claim don’t hesitate to call today.

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