Train and Rail Accident Compensation Claims

Most of us have used a train or the tube at some time in our lives. It is a common way of commuting and statistically one of the safest ways to travel. Sometimes accidents happen unfortunately, either on the train itself or on the platform and station. People get injured in a variety of ways while using trains, but if it was not your fault then Ashley Ainsworth can help you to get the train or rail accident compensation you are entitled to.

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Injuries on platforms and in stations

The train companies’ duty to protect your safety doesn’t begin when you step on the train. Stations and platforms have to follow the same strict health and safety rules as other public places. Sometimes due to negligence, these rules are not followed fully, and people get injured. Accidents such as slipping on wet floors or tripping on defective paving are surprisingly common and can result in people seeking compensation.

If you have been injured in any accident that was not your fault anywhere within the station or on the platform, then you may be entitled to make a train accident claim.

Injuries on trains

The same duty of care applies once you have boarded the train. The operator has a responsibility to provide you with a safe means of transport. We have dealt with many cases for people who have been injured in accidents onboard trains. Examples of these are people who have slipped and tripped on damaged flooring, and people who have been injured by defective train furniture which contains a sharp protruding object. We fight to get them maximum compensation.

Details of any accident whether on the train or at the station should be reported to staff so that they can record it in an accident report.

Train crashes

Train crashes are rare but do happen. There were 8 recorded crashes during the last year, and many of these resulted in passengers being injured, sometimes seriously.

Common causes of crashes include mechanical failure (on the train or the track), objects on the track, and collisions with other vehicles (especially vehicles crossing tracks at level crossings).

If you have been an injured passenger in a train crash then we can get you compensation for your ordeal.

Making a train accident compensation claim

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