Theme Park Accident Compensation Claims

Theme parks, amusement parks and fun fairs are extremely popular in the UK. They provide a fun and entertaining day out for thousands of people every year. They are on the whole safe places to visit, especially popular amongst children and young people. Occasionally though, accidents can happen, and in these circumstances it is your legal right to seek compensation. At Ashley Ainsworth you can make a theme park accident claim on a no win no fee basis.

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The owners of the theme park have a duty of care to protect the safety of the customers and staff that are on the premises. This duty does not just cover safety on the rides and roller coasters, but the safety of people on the entire park grounds.

Some of the most common accident types that we can deal with are shown below.

  • Accidents on rides

Occasionally a ride will prove defective or faulty and someone may get injured. In such circumstances there is clearly negligence on behalf of the park in protecting customer safety, and a theme park accident compensation claim is usually possible.

  • Slip, trip or fall

The same legal principles regarding slips and trips apply in amusement parks as they would elsewhere in public. Injuring yourself on poor paving/flooring etc can result in being able to make a claim. Read more about slips and trips here.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and we can help you however you have been injured at a theme park. This might include getting food poisoning from a food stall or being hit by a defective object on the site, such as a sign. Contact us now for our no obligation advice.

Making a theme park accident claim

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer injury in an accident at an amusement park, be sure to inform staff of the incident and seek medical help. If possible it may help your claim if you take pictures of the place where the accident occurred and take details of any witnesses to it.

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Making a theme park accident claim is simple and easy at Ashley Ainsworth. We accept cases on a no win no fee basis meaning that it will not cost you a penny, whatever the result. We fight on your behalf to get you the maximum amount possible.

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