Pillion Passenger Claims

Motorbikes are growing in popularity in the UK, but statistically remain one of the more dangerous ways to travel. At times motorcyclists like to take passengers on the back of their bike. This ‘pillion’ position puts the passenger in an exposed location in the event of an accident, and serious injuries can result. If you have been injured in an accident in such circumstances then here at Ashley Ainsworth we can help you get maximum compensation with a pillion passenger claim.

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Motorbike accidents

There are just over 20,000 casualties amongst motorbike users in the UK every year, with 5,000 of these being serious injuries. Many of these accidents are not the riders fault, and are caused by other road users failing to see the bike. However, if you were injured while riding pillion, you can make a pillion passenger claim regardless of who was at fault.

Some of the common causes of motorbike accidents are shown below.

  • Failing to look properly
  • Slippery or poor road conditions
  • Travelling at excess speed

If you are injured as a pillion passenger in a collision with another road vehicle such as a car then compensation can be sought from their insurance. If the accident was caused by the driver of the motorcycle you are travelling on, then compensation can be sought from their insurance company.

Having a pillion passenger on a bike can change the handling dramatically, and the rider should take this into account. Acceleration can be slower and braking distances longer, while steering is affected too. The bike should have pegs to support your feet while riding as a passenger, and you must be provided with a helmet too.

Making a pillion passenger compensation claim

Making a pillion passenger compensation claim is easy at Ashley Ainsworth due to our vast experience of helping people just like you. We understand that bike accidents can cause serious injuries such as broken bones, spine and head injuries, and we are sympathetic to your situation.

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