Manufacturing Accident Claim

The manufacturing industry is a dangerous and hazardous one to work in. While about 9% of the British workforce is employed in the manufacturing industry, it accounts for a substantial 16% of all workplace injuries. Everyone has the right to be safe while at work, and also has the right to seek compensation if this safety has not been protected. Ashley Ainsworth can help you get maximum compensation if you have been injured at work.

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The manufacturing industry is still a large sector for British workers. It is a varied term, used to cover any process that produces goods, whether these are for example plastics, electronic, food and drink or even recycling processes.

The industry is not without hazard though. There are over 4,000 serious injuries caused to manufacturing workers every year, and another 15,000 injuries suffered that required over three days off work recovering.

There are some types of accident that are most common in this industry, and these are shown below.

Contact with unguarded/dangerous machinery

Unfortunately these types of accidents are frequent, as guards on machines are often inadequate or removed completely. This allows workers access to dangerous moving parts (often while performing simple tasks like cleaning or unblocking) and injuries such as finger amputations, hand crush injuries and leg injuries are common. Such cases can mean a manufacturing accident claim is possible.

Manual handling

Manual handling involves the movement of loads by means such as lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling. If employees are not fully trained or asked to move loads that are too heavy, then injuries such as back sprains can occur.

Slip, trips and falls

Slips and trips are common due to the work floor area not being kept tidy and hazard free. Falls can cause injuries such as broken and fractured bones.

Inadequate personal protective equipment (PPE)

PPE should be provided to employees where there is a clear hazard. Examples of this include ear defenders for noisy environments, and goggles where there is a danger of eye injury. If PPE is not provided or not up to the job and you are injured as a result, then a compensation claim may be possible.

Making a manufacturing accident claim

Employers have a legal duty to protect their staff in the manufacturing industry. This includes providing suitable training and equipment, maintaining tools and machinery well, and providing a safe/hazard free working environment. If they don’t then a manufacturing accident claim could be made.

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