Inadequate Training Compensation Claims

Everyone has the right to work in a safe environment. Part of this involves being trained correctly to perform the job you’re being asked to do. All employers have a legal duty to provide adequate training so that work can be carried out safely.

Sadly the need to train staff is often overlooked or ignored. Even when it is not, it is often of a poor standard, not giving the employee enough information necessary. In all these cases, if an injury occurs from anaccident at work, then an inadequate training compensation claim may be possible.

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What is adequate training?

Training should provide employees with clear instructions and supervision by an instructor/member of staff who has the skills necessary to inform others. The instructions should get the employee up to a level where he can safely perform his job. This would include informing them of all safety procedures. For example, informing if a substance used at work is hazardous or not, and what precautions to take if it is.

It is not just new staff that need training, all staff will need re-training for example, if a new piece of equipment they have no experience with is introduced. Employers’ duty to ensure adequate training also extends to self-employed contractors operating on their premises.

Examples of accidents caused by inadequate training include:

  • suffering injury while operating machinery due to not being shown how to use the safety guards or emergency cut off button effectively
  • suffering injury from not being shown how to perform manual handling tasks safely
  • being hit by falling objects caused by employees not being trained how to stack them safely

Although adequate training is required for all jobs, it is absolutely critical in dangerous industries such asconstructionmanufacturing and engineering, where heavy machinery and tools are often used.

It does not have to be your own lack of training that leads to a claim either. For example if some stock in a warehouse is badly stacked by a poorly trained employee, and later topples on top of you as you walk past, you can still claim if you are injured.

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We understand some people are reluctant to claim against a current or previous employer. However, making a claim may stop people getting injured in a similar manner in the future, and it is against the law for an employer to discriminate against you for doing so.

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