Hotel Accident and Injury Claims

The vast majority of us have used a hotel at one time or another whether in the UK or further a field. There are an estimated 50,000 hotels and guesthouses in Britain alone, with most offering us a comfortable bed for the night. Indeed their primary function is to provide us with somewhere safe to stay, and this is why if we get injured in a hotel it can be a distressing as well as painful experience.

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Example hotel accidents

Hotels and B&Bs have a duty under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 to protect the health and safety of people who enter their premises. This includes customers, diners and visitors. If you have been injured because they haven’t protected your safety then you can claim compensation. Some examples of accidents at hotels are shown below.

  • Slipping on a wet floor or food spillage
  • Tripping on poorly maintained paths or steps
  • Injured by broken/dangerous furniture
  • Electric shocks from faulty equipment e.g. kettle

Injuries from slips and trips are the most common accidents in hotels, and there are measures hotels can take to ensure these don’t happen. These include maintaining all floors and steps on the premises and making sure wet floors are marked with warning signs and spillages mopped up immediately. If simple safety measures are not taken then it may be possible to make a hotel accident claim.

In some cases it also possible to make a food poisoning claim if you have become ill from eating at the hotel.

Hotel staff can make an accident at work claim like any other employee if their employer has not protected their safety at work and they have been injured as a result.

Making a hotel accident compensation claim

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