Horse Riding Accident Claims

Horse riding is a hobby and activity enjoyed by around 4 million people in the UK every year. It is not a hobby without risks however. Horses are unpredictable and large animals, and some are capable of speeds up to 40 mph. Injuries while riding are common and a percentage of these are the riders own fault. Sometimes however, the accident is caused by someone else’s negligence and it is possible to get compensation by making a horse riding accident claim.

Horse riding accident examples

Falls are the most common accidents involving horses, and due to the size of the animal they can result in serious injuries. Below are some examples of accidents where claiming injury compensation may be possible.

  • Being knocked off your horse by a car or other vehicle while riding on the road.
  • Being injured by a horse when the rider does not have full control, either as a pedestrian or a spectator at a sporting event.
  • Being injured in a riding accident at a riding school (see below).
  • Being kicked, bitten or crushed by a horse.

These are not the only ways to be injured in an accident involving horses, and depending on your exact circumstances you may be able to make a horse riding accident claim.

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Accidents at riding schools

With the costs of owning a horse so expensive, riding schools are extremely popular around the UK, and offer the chance for anyone to be able to learn to ride a horse. Indeed, up to 1 million children regularly attend such schools.

The owners of these establishments have a duty of care in law to protect the safety of all those who ride and use the facilities, including staff as well as visitors. This includes such things as making sure all equipment is safe and fitted properly, providing horses which have suitable temperament for the riders’ experience, and ensuring safe terrain and supervision for the rider. If you are injured because they failed in these responsibilities, compensation may be due.

Accidents involving horses can cause a wide variety of injuries some of them serious. Broken and dislocated bones are common especially, arms, fingers, wrists, legs and ankles. Unfortunately more serious injuries occur too such as spinal, and head injuries. Some accidents have a possibility of being fatal, especially if the horse has fallen on top of the rider.

Making a horse riding accident compensation claim

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