Hairdresser Negligence Claim for Compensation

A trip to the hairdressers should be a relaxing and pampering experience. Unfortunately accidents in hair salons happen every day due to the frequent use of sharp objects, strong chemicals and hot equipment. People may shrug them off as insignificant but they can cause stressful and painful injuries. AshleyAinsworth can help you if you have been through this ordeal, to claim the compensation you deserve.

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Hairdressers and hair salons have the same legal duty to protect your safety as any other professional service. The industry however is unregulated and standards of competence can vary from person to person, and from salon to salon.

Some of the common ways people get injured are shown below.

Lack of concentration causing injury from scissors or hot tongs
All too often people suffer cuts or burns to the face and ears from the hairdresser losing concentration. Burns from hot tongs can cause scars to be left on the face. This is negligence on their part and a hairdresser negligence compensation claim may be possible.

Leaving hair products on too long
The chemicals used in processes such as bleaching, colouring, perming and straightening are strong and need to be used safely and correctly. If they are left on too long they can cause nasty burns to the scalp and cause hair loss.

Using the wrong concentration of products
Like leaving a product on the hair for too long, using the wrong concentration of a product can cause injuries such as burns and skin irritations. Compensation can be sought in such circumstances.

Failing to conduct tests before colouring
Some people can suffer an allergic reaction to the chemicals used in hair colouring. This can cause burns, swelling and in severe cases anaphylactic shock. The hairdresser should always carry out a skin or hair strand test before colouring, to ensure the procedure is going to be safe. It is negligent if they fail to do this.

The injuries caused by hairdresser negligence include burns, sores and blisters, scalp damage, skin irritations and hair loss (including the stress and psychological damage hair loss can cause). Whatever the injury you have suffered, if it was caused by hairdresser negligence we can get you the maximum amount of compensation available to you.

Making a hairdresser negligence claim for compensation

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