Farm Accident Compensation Claims

Farming and agriculture are statistically some of the most dangerous industries in the UK. It is not just farm workers who get injured. Unfortunately, the records show that the general public and young children are injured on agricultural land too. If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault then AshleyAinsworth can help you to get the maximum settlement amount for your farm accident compensation claim.

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Farm Accidents

There are on average over 1000 injuries suffered on farms each year which result in the victim having to take more than 3 days off work. When accidents happen in this industry, they are frequently serious. 15% to 20% of all fatal accidents at work are in the agricultural industry, while it only employs 1.5% of the UK workforce. Many farms use temporary staff, which can lead to a lack of training and a lapse in health and safety procedures.

There are many different situations we can help you with to claim farm accident compensation. Some of these are shown below.

Farm vehicle accidents

The agricultural industry uses many different vehicles including, tractors, 4x4s, combine harvesters and quad bikes. Common accidents involve collisions and overturning. You may be entitled to compensation if injured whilst inside or outside a vehicle.

Farm machinery accidents

Heavy machinery is frequently used in farming, for example a baling machine. All machinery should be used and maintained within health and safety guidelines. If it has not and you have been injured as a result then a farm accident claim may be possible.

Farmer’s lung

Farmer’s lung is the common name given to a condition caused by inhaling dust from damp hay and crops. Read more about claiming compensation for farmer’s lung here.

Dangerous livestock

Livestock are usually large and unpredictable animals, and many can be dangerous to people if not looked after correctly. Unfortunately many people are hurt by dangerous livestock every year. Read more aboutdangerous livestock claims here.

Fall from height accidents

Falls from height can happen in many situations such as using ladders or working on roofs. They commonly result in serious injuries.

Hit by falling objects

Falling objects can cause serious injuries, especially if they are large items such as hay bales.

Noise induced hearing loss

Hearing can be damaged by prolonged exposure to unacceptable levels of loud noise (for example from machinery). It can cause tinnitus or even deafness, and it is the employers’ responsibility to provide ear protection if necessary.

Making a farm accident compensation claim

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