Electric Shock Injury Compensation Claims

Suffering an electric shock is a terrifying ordeal which can lead to serious injuries and be potentially fatal. It is not just electricians who are at risk of such an experience. Many people suffer electric shocks at work, at home or in a public place. If you have been injured this way through no fault of your own you can make an electric shock injury compensation claim at Ashley Ainsworth.

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Electrical accidents

Electrical accidents are most common in a work environment, although they can happen at home or in public from defective electrical products. Electricians and construction workers are at particular risk from electric shocks, and employers should take all reasonable measures to protect workers. This may include providing training, safe systems of work, and personal protective equipment such as gloves and insulated shoes.

If you have suffered an electric shock at work then there is a good chance your employer has failed to protect your safety and you can claim electric shock compensation.

Some example causes of accidents that could result in an electric shock injury are shown below.

  • Faulty wiring
  • Electrical equipment coming into contact with water
  • Faulty/poorly maintained electrical equipment
  • Digging/drilling into cables

All of these scenarios can be easily prevented by using safe systems of work, and the employer has a duty to ensure that these are adhered to.

Electric shock injuries

Electric shocks can cause a wide range of injuries. Burns are common in high voltage shocks, and in low voltage shocks which have occurred for longer than a split second. Muscle spasms can occur during shocks that can be strong enough to break bones. The spasms can also make it impossible for the victim to let go of the equipment which is causing the shock, leading to even more serious injury. Electric shocks can also of course be fatal, as they can stop the heart from beating.

Shocks can also lead to the victim being thrown backwards. This can be particularly dangerous if the person is working at height at the time, leading to fall from height injuries.

Making an electric shock injury compensation claim

Making an electric shock injury compensation claim is simple and easy at Ashley Ainsworth. We have helped many people just like you to claim the maximum amount of compensation available to them.

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