Dangerous Machinery Compensation Claims

Machinery is commonly used by many workers in the UK. Those that work in factories, construction and garages use machinery almost everyday during the course of their jobs. While this machinery is safe if used correctly, it can be potentially lethal if not. Those people who are injured by machinery through no fault of their own are eligible to make a dangerous machinery compensation claim.

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It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all machinery used is safe for workers to use. If it is not then it can cause injuries, the most common of these being to the hands and arms due to their proximity to many moving parts. Finger amputations are common in such accidents, but of course any part of the body can become injured. The common injuries that can occur if machinery is dangerous are shown below.

Whatever the injuries you suffer, it is quite possible that if they were caused by a dangerous piece of machinery then you can claim dangerous machinery compensation.

Employer’s responsibility

Employer’s responsibility for ensuring machinery is safe is enshrined in health and safety law in the UK. This extends to fitting machinery with adequate safety guards so that workers do not have access to moving parts. Emergency buttons should also be fitted to each machine to quickly shut off power in case of an accident occurring.

The responsibility does not just cover ensuring machinery is correctly maintained. Workers should be fully trained in how to operate the machine and operate within safe systems of work, they should also be provided with personal protective equipment such as goggles if necessary.

Many accidents occur when items of clothing or jewellery become entangled in moving parts. Employers should make employees aware of this, and in turn the items that should or shouldn’t be worn when operating equipment.

Making a dangerous machinery claim

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