Animal and Livestock Accident Compensation Claims

All owners of animals have a legal duty to protect their animals and to protect the public from them too. This also extends to farmers who own livestock, whether it is the animal’s aggressiveness which could cause injury, or the animal straying onto the road and causing an accident. If an animal has caused you injury then here at Ashley Ainsworth we can help you to get animal and livestock accident compensation.

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Animals and livestock in the road

Nearly 1,000 road accidents in the UK each year are caused by an ‘animal in the carriageway’ according to official Department for Transport statistics. Many of these are farm animals such as cows or sheep, and livestock escaping and straying onto the road can be extremely dangerous. Cows for example are extremely big animals that can weigh on average just short of 1 ton (900kg). Colliding with one in your car can cause serious injuries and muscle injuries such as whiplash.

You don’t have to hit the animal though for it to cause you injury. Many people swerve to avoid killing animals and end up crashing as a result. If you have had an accident colliding into or avoiding a livestock animal then your duty is to inform the police who can then trace the owner.

Farmers and animal owners have a legal responsibility to keep their animals safe and secure. If they fail in that duty and you are injured as a result then you are entitled to livestock accident compensation.

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Aggressive animal behaviour injuries

Many public footpaths go through fields where livestock is kept. While it is the footpath user’s job to stick to the footpath and not approach animals, the farmer has a responsibility to the public too. It is common sense to not put a bull in a field with a footpath running through it, but cows with calves can be aggressive too. Livestock are unpredictable and the owner has to take this into account and minimise risks to the public. If you have been injured by an aggressive or charging animal then you may be able to make a dangerous animal claim. All incidences should be reported to the police, and medical attention sought for your injuries.

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Making a livestock and animal accident compensation claim

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