Prescription Error Claims

Millions of prescriptions are written every year in the UK by doctors and GPs. It goes without saying that the vast majority of those are absolutely necessary and help the users with all types of conditions. However, prescription errors are rare but do happen, and when they do they can have disastrous consequences on the health of victims. At Ashley Ainsworth we can help you to claim maximum compensation for such incidents, in the minimum time possible.

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While we all have the utmost respect for the hard-working medical staff that treat us, unfortunately it is human mistakes which are at the heart of most prescription errors. Some of the most common errors are highlighted below.

Wrong medication being prescribed

Wrong medication can be prescribed in rare circumstances either due to errors making out the prescription or incorrect labelling of medication.

Wrong dosage of medication prescribed

Prescribing the wrong dose of medication – both too low or too high – can be extremely dangerous and cause serious problems.

Medication prescribed for too long

Some medications can only be taken for certain amounts of time before they have negative health benefits.

Medication prescribed that contains ingredients that the patient is known to be allergic to

Any allergies should be noted in a patient’s medical records and no medication should be prescribed which contains these allergens.

Patient prescribed two separate medications that when taken together cause problems

Some medications while fine when taken separately can have bad side effects if taken together. Prescriptions should be monitored so that this never happens.

This list of course does not cover every eventuality where a prescription error claim can be made. For example, sometimes the patient may receive the wrong medication because their condition has been misdiagnosed. More information about misdiagnosis compensation can be found here.

The injuries that can be caused by a prescription or medication error are varied, and the effects felt vary depending on which drugs have been taken. In many cases serious consequences can occur such as brain damage, psychological issues or even fatalities.

If you think you have taken any medication that you shouldn’t, you should seek medical advice immediately, even if you are not suffering from any symptoms.

Making a prescription error claim

At Ashley Ainsworth we have over a decades experience in dealing with prescription error claims. We provide you with an expert solicitor, highly specialised in the field. This way we can get you the maximum amount of compensation available.

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