MRSA Claim for Compensation

We have all come to expect and on the whole receive a high level of care from hospitals in the UK. Unfortunately, in a small number of cases these high standards are not met. Regrettably 3000 people a year contract MRSA in a UK hospital. It is an extremely serious infection and in some incidences can prove fatal. Hospitals and their staff have a duty of care to do everything possible to protect the health of its patients. When it comes to preventing MRSA, keeping a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene, as well as infection prevention methods such as alcohol hand wash are equally important. If you have contracted the infection due to negligence in the hospital then you may be able to make an MRSA claim for MRSA compensation.

Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus is commonly known as MRSA and referred to in the tabloid media as a ‘superbug’. It is so called because of its resistance to the penicillin and antibiotic methicillin, and hence is difficult to treat. Its symptoms include red skin boils and fever. MRSA can cause serious short and long term health problems and unfortunately, in some cases it can prove fatal. Children and the elderly are at particular risk from its effects. Also, people with weakened immune systems or open wounds are particularly vulnerable to catching MRSA and this is why many cases originate in hospitals. Hospital infection compensation may be available in such cases. As MRSA is an infection, and as such is impossible to eradicate entirely. It is for this reason that MRSA compensation claims are relatively difficult to be successful in. There are certain steps however that if followed, can greatly help your MRSA claim. Ashley Ainsworth can offer free expert advice on your case.

For your MRSA claim to be successful it would have to be proved that the hospital was negligent in it’s care of you and that if they had not of acted negligently then there is a good chance you would not have contracted MRSA. Some of the ways negligence can be proved are described below:

  • If you were screened as MRSA negative on admission to hospital it can go a long way to prove where you contracted the infection.
  • If there were delays in diagnosing and treating your MRSA infection
  • If you were not treated appropriately for the infection and other conditions. This can include appropriate treatment of open wounds.
  • If medical hygiene procedures can be proved to have been not followed correctly

If you contracted the MRSA infection while being treated or visiting hospital then please call for our free and confidential advice on you case. People who make MRSA compensation claims are often concerned about the financial implications involved ,but all claims through Ashley Ainsworth are on a strictly no win, no fee basis. MRSA Compensation can go a long way to cover any hardship you suffered from contracting the infection.

MRSA Compensation

At Ashley Ainsworth we have vast experience in dealing with an MRSA claim. We can provide you with a top UK hospital negligence solicitor who specialises in the field. This way you can receive the compensation you are entitled to, as they will guide you through the claims process step by step.

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