Misdiagnosis Compensation Claim

We all put a lot of trust and faith in medical professionals to take care of our wellbeing and do everything possible to bring us back to health as quickly possible. Unfortunately, as in all walks of life, sometimes mistakes are made. The National Patient Safety Agency reports that there are around 500,000 instances of patient’s safety being put at risk every year. One of the common mistakes suffered, is that of wrong or missed diagnosis. If you have been a victim of this distressing and serious experience then you may be able to make a misdiagnosis compensation claim with the help of Ashley Ainsworth.

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There are several different ways in which you can suffer due to misdiagnosis. These are outlined below:

Failure to diagnose – Where diagnosis is only made later by a different medical professional after the first you saw missed it completely

Incorrect diagnosis – When a medical condition is diagnosed as something different. For example, when a serious illness is diagnosed as something trivial, or vice versa.

Both of these circumstances would lead to a delay in diagnosis, and in many cases a delay in starting the correct treatment. A misdiagnosis compensation claim can be made when the misdiagnosis has had an effect on your health. This could be because the delay in diagnosis made it more difficult to treat for example, or that the stress of thinking you are seriously ill when not so caused health problems.

Medical professionals have many different techniques used for diagnosing. These may be x-rays or tests or consultation. Either way if these have been misread or ignored then it can have serious health consequences, and in some cases prove fatal. Some of these consequences are outlined below:

Misdiagnosis claims

At Ashley Ainsworth we have vast experience in dealing with misdiagnosis compensation claims. We can provide you with a top medical negligence solicitor. Claiming with us is simple and stress free, getting you the compensation you are legally entitled to.

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