Failed Sterilisation/Failed Vasectomy Claims

Many couples every year decide that their family is big enough and that they no longer want to run the risk of having any more children. Therefore they may decide to make the decision of undergoing sterilisation if they are a woman or a vasectomy if they are a man. Unfortunately, sometimes these procedures fail due to medical negligence. If this has happened to you, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

A failed sterilisation or failed vasectomy can be highly stressful and upsetting for a couple who have made one of the hardest decisions they would ever have to make in deciding they do not want to have any more children. For others, a sterilisation is carried out for medical reasons, as it would be harmful for the health of the mother or baby if they were to get pregnant again.

The success rate for a vasectomy is very high, with only around 0.2% of procedures ending in failure. Failure rate for a woman undergoing a sterilisation operation is currently believed to stand at 0.3%, though this has been higher in the past and is still not considered as reliable as a male vasectomy. This is despite the operation being more complex and costing more money to perform.

Medical Negligence Reasons for a Failed Sterilisation/Failed Vasectomy

A failed procedure can be down to natural causes, as the male’s vas duct (sperm carrying tube) or the female’s fallopian tube (which carries eggs to the womb). However, it can also come down to medical negligence in the form of doctor error.

During a female sterilisation, the surgeon will apply Filshie clips to each Fallopian tube. If this procedure has not been carried out correctly, an unwanted pregnancy may occur. Generally, the sooner a woman falls pregnant after a sterilisation, the more likely that this is down to medical negligence.

Vasectomies are far more popular in the UK as they are much more straightforward are generally safer. They are also less invasive and quicker to carry out. Usually in failed operations another structure has been cut, for example a ligament, which the doctor has believed to be the vas duct.

Another reason for a failed vasectomy because of medical negligence is that the doctor fails to tell the patient that they need to use alternative forms of contraception for 2-3 months in order for any sperm to clear out of the system. This must be made clear whilst the patient is at his operation to avoid any confusion. If the doctor has made this clear then it is unlikely that a medical negligence compensation claim can be made.

Making a Failed Sterilisation/Failed Vasectomy Claim for Compensation

Making claims for failed sterilisations are complicated and there have been landmark cases in recent times which mean compensation is more difficult to get. For these reasons it is important to have a personal injury claims solicitor who is experienced with taking on claims for clients who have had failed sterilisations and vasectomies. At Ashley Ainsworth we have access to some of the best lawyers and solicitors in the UK that have won people many thousands of pounds for just that.

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