Dental Negligence Claim

Many people find going to the dentist a daunting, even terrifying experience. Those more brave would say that fear is only stemmed from inner anxieties, and that dentists are well trained at what they do. However, there is the odd occasion where dental mistakes do happen because of the negligent actions of a dentist or their assistant. If you have been a victim of dental negligence we may be able to help you make a claim for compensation.

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Medical professionals have a duty of care for their patients and this includes both private and NHS dentists. If the quality of treatment you receive is not up to standard, and you are caused further injury and suffering as a result, you may be entitled to personal injury compensation.

Dental Negligence Types

The three main types of dental negligence are:

  • Dental Negligence through Careless Work
  • Dental Negligence through Inadequate Treatment
  • Dental Negligence through Misdiagnosis

Dental negligence through careless work is when you are caused an injury during a dental routine. For example, if the dentist extracts the wrong tooth, or cuts your lip or inner cheek with sharp tools while looking in your mouth.

Dental negligence through inadequate treatment could occur on a one-off visit to the dentist surgery, or over a course of time in which you are receiving the treatment. It’s likely that such treatment would cause further pain, possibly making problems worse than they were before. It usually must be shown that the poor dental treatment would not have occurred if another qualified member of the dental professional was carrying it out.

Dental negligence through misdiagnosis is when the dentist fails to correctly identify the patient’s problem and acts on these judgements. This either makes their existing problems worse or creates new problems that cause a lot of pain and suffering.

Making a Dental Negligence Compensation Claim

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When going in for dental work or treatment you don’t usually expect that you will leave with more problems than when you arrived at the surgery. Unfortunately this is the case for the unlucky few, and for those that do suffer injuries following a trip to the dentist we can offer a no win no fee dental negligence claim service.

Dental work is very costly, and your dental negligence claim for compensation could help pay for any further unexpected work that is needed after poor quality or incorrect treatment. Due to the sensitive and complicated nature of these claims, it is vital to have an experienced dental negligence lawyer to lead your case, and here at Ashley Ainsworth we can provide you with some of the top UK personal injury solicitors.

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