Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Claims

Over the last decade it has become increasingly popular and socially acceptable for people to undergocosmetic surgery procedures. Around 75,000 cosmetic procedures are performed every year, with the industry as a whole estimated to make £200 million pounds per annum. Although the vast majority of procedures are successful, there unfortunately are instances where the patient is unhappy with the outcome. In such cases it may be possible to make cosmetic surgery compensation claims.

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People undergo cosmetic surgery procedures to alter their appearance in some way. The variety of surgical procedures is staggering, with operations such as face-lifts, tummy tucks and breast implants/reductions extremely commonplace. When things do not go according to plan the effects on the individual can be extremely distressing. The physical effects can include pain, discomfort and scarring. The psychological effects can include undue stress and depression. There are many reasons why cosmetic surgery claimscompensation may be awarded. These include undue pain or stress, to cover the expense of treatments to correct mistakes and to cover loss of earnings.

Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Below is a list of common complaints that can result in cosmetic surgery claims:

  • Not being explained the full risks of the procedure
  • Scarring to the body or face
  • Uneven or scarred breasts
  • Nerve damage from a face-lift
  • Perforated bowel from liposuction
  • Unsatisfactory results from rhinoplasty
  • Chemical peel scarring

Not being explained the full risks of the procedure – Clinics have a duty to inform you of all risks and details about a particular procedure. They are also required legally to force you into a two week ‘cooling-off’ period before they perform any procedure.

Scarring – Scarring from face-lifts, chemical peels, breast surgery or any other cosmetic procedure is unnecessary and negligent on the part of the surgeon. Scarring can cause a huge amount of stress and psychological issues.

Unsatisfactory results – If your cosmetic surgery procedure resulted in you suffering undue pain or the results of the procedure were not what was promised to you, then you may have a cosmetic surgery compensation claims case.

The list of cosmetic surgery compensation claims above is by no means exhaustive. If you have undergone cosmetic surgery that you believe has caused you undue pain, stress or results that were not what you were expecting, then please call for our free expert advice. We are skilled professionals who have handled many cases like yours, providing victims with compensation to help them take the next steps. At Ashley Ainsworth we operate on a strict no win no fee basis ensuring that you can make your claim without the worry of financial risk.

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