Cancer Misdiagnosis Compensation Claim

Claiming for Cancer Misdiagnosis

Cancer treatments are constantly improving and the likelihood of someone recovering from the disease is far higher than it ever has been. However, this is only true if the cancer has been caught at the earliest possible stage and the correct action has been taken straight away. If you have had a misdiagnosis of cancer you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Radical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and radiology can significantly improve a cancer patient’s survival chances. These have been used more and more regularly over the last 20 years. Data from the Government’s National Statistics website shows that the survival rates for males who develop testicular cancer stood at over 96.2% for the period between 2001 and 2006, whilst 89.6% of women with breast cancer also survived.

Sadly, not everyone who falls ill with cancer is given the correct diagnosis, and by the time they are it can be too late to do anything about. Cancer is a fierce and aggressive disease and treatment needs to be fast and decisive to minimise the risk of it becoming terminal. If it gets to this stage it’s likely that you have been a victim of medical negligence, as you would expect the professionals in the medical industry to realise the signs of cancer through their training and previous experiences.

Common Cancer Misdiagnosis Claim Types

Breast Cancer: The most common form of cancer in women over the age of 50. The survival rates are good if the illness is caught early and acted on quickly. Less frequently women under this age can also develop breast cancer and this is often where problems lie, in that some doctors don’t automatically consider it when making their diagnosis.

Colon Cancer: Often preventable if caught at an early stage, colon cancer usually starts as a polyp and can take years to become cancerous. If this is removed then cancer is prevented. If a patient goes to a doctor with symptoms of this, such as bleeding from the rectum, they should send you to the hospital for testing as soon as possible.

Skin Cancer: The first signs of skin cancer are usually noticeable by a change of shape or size of a mole; in particular one that is raised. Medical advice should be sought as soon as you notice such a change and a GP should seek to remove this in order to send it off for cancer testing. A delay in doing so can suggest medical negligence has occurred.

Cancer Misdiagnosis: Delayed/Failed Diagnosis

The first type of cancer misdiagnosis because of medical negligence is down to a delay in the diagnosis, or even failing to do so completely. If this happens it can result in the patient becoming more ill than they would have done had they been correctly diagnosed, or in worse cases the cancer becoming terminal in the time that they should have been treated.

Doctors may have failed to realise your symptoms meant cancer, or hospital tests may have failed. There also may have been a delay in the release of your results from the hospital or your doctor may have misplaced them and not go back to you in time.

Treatment for cancer is aggressive and can be distressing for someone going through it. Treatments such as chemotherapy can cause a patient to become very ill. Catching cancer at the earliest possible stage is the best way to stop someone having to endure these kinds of methods for any lengthy period.

Cancer Misdiagnosis: Wrongful Diagnosis

On the rare occasion a patient may be told that they have cancer when in fact they do not. Though this is a far safer outcome than not being told you have cancer when you do, the belief that you have cancer can cause great inner anxiety, fear, stress and could lead to depression. You may find that you are not living your life to the full and instead worrying about cancer; not doing things that you would normally do.

Although it’s likely you’ll be relieved when you find you don’t have cancer, the after-effects may leave you feel angry and full of questions as to why the mistake was made in the first place.

Cancer Misdiagnosis due to Medical Negligence

If you have been a victim of cancer misdiagnosis and you feel that you could have been treated differently, we can help you to make a medical negligence claim against the medical board responsible. Our professional team are sensitive to all matters regarding cancer and their understanding approach will help you to feel at ease right away.

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