Medical Negligence Compensation

Medical and Clinical Negligence Compensation Claims

When we go to our doctor or hospital, we expect to receive quality treatment from those trained and experienced to carry out their jobs. However, it is increasingly common that mistakes are made, resulting in any number of severe consequences. If you suffer an injury whilst under the care of a medical professional you may be entitled to make a medical negligence claim for compensation.

The vast majority of treatment in the UK is delivered to the highest of standards. The NHS is one of the most highly recognised and respected institutions in the world and UK private hospitals are also known for their exceptional standards. However, neither have unblemished records when it comes to medical mistakes and accidents.

People are often left scared and confused when they have become a victim of medical or clinical negligence. The thought of bringing in solicitors to deal with making a clinical negligence claim on your behalf is daunting, particularly when you medical issue is something private. However, suffering in silence and just accepting that things were meant to go wrong is a mistake that many people make.

Clinical Negligence Claim Types

We can help you make medical negligence claims for the following:

These are just some of the examples of medical negligence claim that we can assist you with. If you have suffered injuries through any other form of medical/clinical negligence and are unsure whether you can claim, it is worth calling us for free, professional advice.

People are often concerned about the financial implications involved, but we offer no win no fee negligenceclaims to help you retrieve compensation. Claiming for clinical negligence compensation however can go a long way in making up for loss of earnings if you find yourself out of work during the period that you are affected. It can also help if you have lost money paying for further medical treatment to put right the problems that your medical negligence experience caused.

Medical Negligence Claims Solicitor

Medical negligence and clinical negligence claims can be lengthy and at times complex. This is why it is particularly important to use a medical negligence claims solicitor when making your claim.

By calling Ashley Ainsworth we can provide you with a top UK medical negligence claims solicitor – a specialist in medical negligence cases. They will know exactly the best route to take when it comes to getting you the full amount of clinical negligence compensation you are entitled to.

Making a Medical Negligence Claim for Compensation

Experiencing medical negligence is something that no one should ever have to go through. The effects can be life changing and distressing, both physically and psychologically. Because of this it is fair to feel that you want compensating for damages and setbacks to your life.

Medical professionals are paid, and paid well to deliver the highest standards of care to all patients that they see. If you feel like you haven’t had the service and are suffering as a result, contact Ashley Ainsworth to help you make a medical negligence claim.

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