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Man receives Compensation after Pothole Stumble causes Brain Damage

A man has received compensation after he suffered brain damage from a fall in a pothole.

Kyle Bullock was involved in the accident back in July 2007, whilst he was walking down Lightfoot Road in Hornsey. He tripped over a pothole as he was walking and fell to the floor.

The fall caused him to suffer serious injury. He had to undergo brain surgery but has been left with brain damage and epilepsy.

The Haringey Independent reports that the incident resulted in a compensation claim, which has finally ended in Mr Bullock’s favour at London’s High Court this week. The claim was made against Homes for Haringey, who were responsible for maintaining the road surface.

Although the amount of the settlement has not been reported, it has been described as substantial due to the severity of the injuries suffered.

A spokesperson for Homes for Haringey told the paper that they have introduced a comprehensive maintenance plan since the accident, and currently spend £300,000 a year on surface maintenance to prevent similar accidents from happening.

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