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Man Crushes Hand in Sweet Factory Accident

A man has had his hand crushed in an accident at a sweet factory in Northampton.

The male worker – whose name has not been reported – was employed at Tilley’s Sweets factory when the incident happened in June 2011. He was operating a sweet manufacturing machine when it became jammed.

A build up of sweets was causing the jam so the 28 year old put his hand in to remove the blockage. However, when he did this, his glove became caught and his hand was dragged into the machine.

The man suffered serious damage to his right hand in the incident. The injury required him to undergo surgical procedures on the tendons and undergo physiotherapy. The worker was also required to take four months off work because of his injury.

The HSE reports that Tilley’s Sweets have just been prosecuted for breaking work equipment regulations in regards to the accident. A fine of £1,500 was issued this week because of this.

The HSE found after the accident a safety guard could have stopped the incident from happening. They immediately stopped further work taking place on the machine until a guard was fitted.

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