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Man Crushes Fingers in Sausage Roll Machine Accident

A man suffered crush injuries to two fingers after he was involved in an accident involving a sausage roll machine.

The unnamed agency worker was working at the Excellent Food Company in Leeds at the time of the accident in March 2012. He had only been employed at the site for eight weeks when the incident happened.

The 26 year old man was emptying the hopper on top of a sausage roll machine, which holds the fillings for the rolls and for pasties. He was emptying the contents of the hopper with a jug, although it was too large to reach down to the very bottom. Instead, he put his hand into the bottom of the hopper to remove the remaining contents but his fingers came into contact with the machine’s hydraulic rams.

The rams crushed two of his fingers and severely damaged them. His third finger was so badly damaged that it had to be stitched back on by medical professionals. Both that finger and his middle finger suffered permanent nerve damage in the accident.

The HSE investigated and found that a safety guard on the machine was not working. They had previously served a notice on the company to improve safety guarding problems back in December 2011.

The case came to court last week, and Excellent Food Company Yorkshire Ltd pleaded guilty to breaking work equipment regulations. A fine of £5,000 was issued to the company by Magistrates.

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