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Injured Motorcyclist Wins Compensation after Car U-Turn

An injured motorcyclist has been awarded compensation after they were struck by a car making a u-turn.

The injury happened to Owain Sullivan as he was travelling along the A22 in Sussex during April 2009. The trainee mechanic was riding his 250cc motorbike at the time.

A Peugeot 206 vehicle turned left into a side road from the A22. However, it made a sudden u-turn and pulled out straight into the path of Mr Sullivan’s motorcycle. He was thrown through the air in the collision and suffered injury.

He was airlifted from the crash scene to the nearest hospital, where he underwent treatment. He fractured his wrist in the accident as well as damaging his neck and groin.

Mr Sullivan tells the Sussex Courier that he was lucky not to suffer more serious injuries and that his motorbike left a large dent in the car. He also states that the incident left him traumatised for months afterwards.

The paper reports that last month Mr Sullivan finally received compensation from the insurers of the car for the injuries that he suffered in the accident. He has apparently been awarded £22,500.

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