Tinnitus Claim for Compensation

Tinnitus is a condition many people are aware of as ringing in the ears. Indeed, the word tinnitus itself stems from the latin word ‘tinnere’ meaning to ring. Although some people describe hearing ringing in their ears, just as many describe the condition as a whistling or buzzing sound. There are many causes of tinnitus, but if you suffer from it through circumstances that were not your fault (for example loud noise at work) then you may be able to make a tinnitus claim for compensation. We can help you get the maximum amount available in the quickest time possible.

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Tinnitus is surprisingly common. The Royal National Institute for Deaf People states that 7 million people in UK have suffered from the condition at one time or another, with half a million having symptoms serious enough to have severe effect on their life.

The most common cause is exposure to loud noise, although it can also be caused by ear and head injuries. Many people are exposed to continuous loud noise at work. If this is shown as the cause of the sufferer’s tinnitus, then a tinnitus claim for compensation may be possible.

Who can claim compensation?

If you are suffering from tinnitus that you believe was caused by an event beyond your control, then it is natural to wish to know where you stand legally. You should not be exposed to loud noise at work by your employer. They are required by law to supply you with ear protection if you work in an environment beyond a certain noise level. In April 2006, this level was set at 80 decibels. If you have suffered tinnitus orindustrial deafness because you have not been provided with hearing protection, then there is a good chance you can claim compensation. Many occupations are at risk of exposure to damaging noise levels, not just those such as factory, nightclub and construction workers which immediately spring to mind.

It is also possible to claim for tinnitus if it has been caused by an accident – such as a car crash or fall – that was not your fault. Also, if the condition was caused by injuries suffered innocently in a criminal act, such as an assault then compensation may be claimed.

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