Industrial Respiratory Claim

Industrial respiratory problem is a term used to cover many different breathing and lung problems caused and made worse by workplace conditions. It is estimated that 38,000 people in the UK are suffering from breathing and lung problems aggravated by their job. Here at Ashley Ainsworth we can help you claim compensation for your condition, to help improve your quality of life.

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Although occupational asthma is the most common respiratory disease suffered by workers, it is far from being the only one. Some of the most common are described in a little more detail below.

Occupational asthma
Asthma causes the airways to narrow and affects the sufferers breathing. A percentage of asthma sufferers first develop or worsen their condition through conditions at work. Certain substances irritate the lungs, and employers should protect workers or they could face a compensation claim. Substances such as solder flux, flour, sawdust, paint and latex are known to cause asthma in some people. An industrial respiratory claim may be possible if you are suffering occupational asthma.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is the term used to cover a range of similar conditions such as emphysema, obstructive airways disease and chronic bronchitis. They all cause breathing problems by restricting air into the lungs. It is a common disease, especially among smokers but can also be caused by the inhalation of fumes in the workplace. Coal dust, certain chemicals and isocyanates are among some of the substances linked to the conditions. Again employers are required by law to prevent you from harm by these substances. If they don’t, they face possible industrial respiratory claims against them.

Silicosis is a form of pneumoconiosis caused by inhaling crystalline silica dust. Silica dust is created when rocks such as sandstone are cut, grinded or blasted. It is a disease which is therefore most common amongst construction industry workers. It causes shortness of breath amongst other symptoms. Pneumoconiosis is commonly known as ‘black lung disease’, due to a common version of it suffered by miners who have inhaled coal dust.

Other respiratory diseases
Other respiratory diseases include farmer’s lung which is a type of allergic alveolitis. It affects farm workers and is caused by spores in badly stored hay, straw or grains.

Exposure to asbestos fibres can cause lung cancers and diseases which cause respiratory problems. More details about asbestos can be found here.

Making an industrial respiratory claim

In all these cases, it is the employer’s responsibility to protect employers from these conditions. If they have failed to take basic steps to do this such as provide personal protective equipment or change your job role, then an industrial respiratory claim for compensation may be possible.

Some of these conditions can take years to develop, and companies can go bankrupt in the meantime. However, a claim can still be made against the firm’s former insurance company.

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