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Bursitis is a medical condition which results in an inflammation of small sacs of synovial fluid called the bursae. These bursae can be found in several places on the body including the knee, elbow and shoulder. They occur on joints where muscle meets bone helping to aid movement. The inflammation of these bursae by Bursitis causes pain and stiffness in the joint affected, in severe cases it can require surgery. It is an extremely common condition – with 1 in 200 doctors appointments in connection with it – that can range in its severity. Bursitis is known by many common names such as beat knee, miner’s knee, housemaid’s knee and tennis elbow.

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Bursitis is caused by repetitive strain on the joints. This can come from doing a particular movement such as bending the knee in excessive quantities. For this reason Bursitis can be caused by work-related actions and is frequently seen in carpet fitters, miners and gardeners as well as many other occupations. It is an employer’s legal duty to protect the safety of its employees, and this includes protection from developing Bursitis. Employers who employ workers at danger of Bursitis should be taking all methods to prevent it, with precautions such as knee pads/support for excessive kneelers and platforms for workers who otherwise would continuously have their hands above their heads. If your Bursitis can be proved to be directly caused by work activities, then Bursitis compensation may be possible using injury claims at work legislation. A Bursitis claim can provide compensation to help you through this painful and debilitating condition.

Symptoms of Bursitis include the following:

  • Difficulty bending and moving the knee/affected joint
  • Swelling of the knee/affected joint
  • Pain when moving the knee/affected joint and pain when it is touched

If you have been diagnosed with Bursitis and you believe it has been caused by activities in your workplace then please call for our free expert advice. If we can show that an employer failed to take adequate steps to protect you from this injury then we can help you make a claim. We are skilled professionals who have handled many cases like yours, providing victims with compensation to help them through their condition. At Ashley Ainsworth we operate on a strict no win no fee basis ensuring that victims can make Bursitis claims without the worry of financial risk. Employers and authorities have insurance in place to provide compensation to sufferers of Bursitis.

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