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Back injuries originate from damage to the muscle, tissue and bone in the back. Due to its flexibility and the amount of weight that is transported through it, the back is particularly susceptible to injury. Back injuries are one of the most common injuries in the UK and a large proportion of the population suffer from them each year. There are many different types of back injury such as a prolapsed disc, muscle sprain and in severe cases, fractures and breaks that can lead to paraplegia. Back injuries are obviously extremely painful and debilitating. Many sufferers are unable to work and can suffer financially because of this.

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It is a legal duty of employers to protect the safety of its employees, including doing everything possible to prevent back injury. There are health and safety guidelines set out in law that employers should follow to help prevent accidents and injuries happening in the workplace. Back injury compensation can go a long way to provide financial assistance to people suffering from this incapacitating condition. As all back injury claims are undertook on a no win no fee basis there is no financial risk to you. Employers and authorities have insurance in place to provide compensation to workers who injure their backs at work.

Below is a list of several accidents that can cause back injury at work:

  • Incorrect handling/carrying of large and heavy objects
  • Falling from height
  • Slips or trips
  • Being hit by falling objects
  • Car accident trauma

Incorrect handling/carrying of large and heavy objects – A back injury from lifting is caused by not lifting heavy objects properly – by not bending the knees – and carrying objects too far from the body. Proper training should be given by the employer to combat this.

Falling from height – Falls from height can cause severe back injury. Health and safety guidelines should be followed and all safety equipment should be used and checked for effectiveness when working at heights.

Slips or trips – Slipping on a wet floor or tripping on defective surfaces can cause back injury. Again, all health and safety guidelines should be followed by the employer.

Being hit by falling objects – Being hit by a falling object can cause serious back injury. This is a common accident but is easily avoidable.

Car accident trauma – The back can take immense impact during car accidents, therefore car accidents are a common cause of back injury.

This list is by no means exhaustive as many occupations and activities are at risk of causing injury to the back. If you suffer from back injury problems that you believe were caused in your workplace then please call for our free expert advice. We are skilled professionals who have handled many cases like yours, providing victims with compensation to help them through their condition. At Ashley Ainsworth we operate on a strict no win no fee basis ensuring that you can make your compensation claim without the worry of financial risk. Employers and authorities have insurance in place to provide compensation to victims of back injury at work.

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