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Golfer Sued after Man Blinded when Hit with Ball

A golfer is being sued by a golf spotter after he was left blind in one eye when he was struck by a golf ball.

David McMahon was working as a ball spotter at the Levan Links course during the Scottish Amateur Champion of Champions competition in April 2009. He was on the 6th hole and had just been dealing with a couple who had strayed from a path at the side of the hole.

Gavin Dear and another golfer were coming down the 6th hole. The other golfer had hit his shot onto the fairway, whilst Mr Dear had hit his ball into the rough.

Mr McMahon claims that he was then hit in the eye by Mr Dear’s ball as he was walking back to his golf buggy. The force of the ball caused him to suffer a traumatic rupture to his right eyeball. This has left him blind in one eye.

The Herald Scotland reports that he is now suing for compensation. He is thought to be seeking £50,000 but the other side is contesting liability. Mr McMahon asserts that he heard no warnings (such as the traditional shout of “fore”) before the ball struck him. His team argue that had Mr Dean exercised reasonable care then the injury would have happened.

Mr Dear’s team counter that reasonable care was taken and that there was no reason to believe it was unsafe to take the shot. They assert that McMahon emerged suddenly and without warning from behind the golf buggy.

The case is ongoing.

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