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Furniture Company Fined after Glue Machine Accident

A furniture company has been fined after an accident involving a gluing machine left an employee injured.

The injury happened to a man – whose name has not been published – whilst he was working for Hammonds Furniture Ltd in February last year. At the company’s premises in Hinckley, he was working on a production line of furniture panels.

The machine the man was working on sprayed glue onto the furniture panels. It also used a roll of paper to catch the glue that was oversprayed. Whilst he was attempting to change one of these paper rolls, the man’s arm was accidentally pulled into the mechanism.

The man was trapped by his arm for 40 minutes until he could be freed by emergency services. The impact on his arm was immense and he fractured his forearm in three different places. The accident also had a psychological effect, leaving the man unable to stay in his position.

The HSE reports that last week, Hammonds Furniture Ltd were taken to court over the incident. Before the accident, the size of the rolls of paper used had increased. However, the company did not assess what risks this change in size would cause. They also did not train staff in a new method of changing the rolls.

A fine of £7,000 was issued to the firm last week at Leicester Magistrates’ Court.

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