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Firm Fined after Carpenter Fractures Skull in Fall

A carpentry firm has been fined after a worker fractured his skull in a fall.

The unnamed worker was just 21 years old at the time of the accident in June last year. He was working on the construction of a detached home in Cobham, helping to build a flat roof at the site.

The flat roof had a number of skylight openings on it. The incident occurred when the man accidentally fell through one of these openings. He fell three metres before landing on the ground below.

The fall caused the man to suffer a fractured skull as well as less serious soft tissue injuries.

Because of the seriousness of the accident, the Health and Safety Executive investigated. They found that the company constructing the roof – D&R Carpentry Ltd – had not put any measures in place to prevent such a fall. Such measures could have included safety decking or a soft landing system.

The company were taken to court this week for breaking health and safety regulation. It was heard that they had previously received warnings about fall from height risks during site visits in 2007.

After admitting to breaking the Health and Safety at Work Act, D&R Carpentry Ltd were fined £5,000.

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