Wrist Injury Compensation Claim

A wrist injury is one of the most common injuries suffered, especially amongst older people. They can be serious and painful, and should not be taken lightly. Getting the injury checked out by a medical professional is absolutely essential, and should always be done to ensure the best treatment for your wrist. A wrist injury compensation claim can also be part of your recovery, if the injury was sustained in an accident that was not your fault.

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An injury to the wrist can happen in many different ways. One of the most common is in slip, trip and fallaccidents. This is because when we fall we normally outstretch the arms to protect us, incidentally causing the wrist to take the brunt of the force of the fall. If the fall was in a public place then there is a good chance that you can claim compensation. Wrist injuries can also happen in road traffic accidents or accidents at work. You can claim compensation whatever the circumstances, if the accident was not your fault.

Common injuries to the wrist include broken and fractured bones, ligament damage, sprains, dislocations and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The wrist is a complicated part of the human anatomy, consisting of 8 bones and numerous ligaments. However, when a Doctor refers to a broken wrist, they are normally referring to breaking the end of the radius bone, which is one of the bones in the forearm. However, several other bones can be broken in the wrist (such as the scaphoid), and all of them can be the subject of a whiplash injury compensation claim.

Example wrist injury compensation payouts

Below are some example compensation payouts for a wrist injury. These figures do not include expenses (such as lost earnings, physiotherapy etc.), that can be claimed back on top of any settlement.

  • Fractured wrist – £5,850
  • Wrist injury that causes lasting damage – £22,650

Wrist injury claim

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