Serious Personal Injury

Although all personal injuries are serious to the person involved, some injuries are so catastrophic that they dramatically change the victim’s life. For example, this could be a serious spinal injury that leaves the sufferer unable to move without the use of a wheelchair. Other examples of serious injury include brain injuries and limb amputations. Such serious personal injury cases are life-changing events for those involved and can result in a long rehabilitation process. As well as the physical and emotional pain that serious injury accidents can cause, there are often financial implications for the casualty and their family. Serious injuries cause people to be off work for a significant period of time if not permanently and thereforeserious injury compensation is necessary. Ashley Ainsworth offer free and confidential serious injury claim advice.

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Serious personal injury can produce dramatic changes in circumstances for those involved. Accommodation may have to be modified to suit new care needs. We understand that this can be an expensive procedure. Serious injury compensation takes into account such expenses. Care is more often than not needed to aid rehabilitation. In some cases 24/7 care and or specialist equipment is needed. Again compensation takes these expenses into account.

Serious personal injury compensation awards are usually quite high – often running into the millions of pounds – due to the gravity of the injuries involved. Such cases often involve complex legal arguments. This is often due to insurance companies denying liability because of the large sums involved. However, a specialist solicitor can argue your case for you and make sure you get the maximum amount of serious injury compensation you are entitled too. For serious injury claim advice contact Ashley Ainsworth and we will discuss your case in detail with you.

Below is a list of some serious injuries often involved in compensation cases:

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Serious injury claim advice

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