Leg Injury Claim

Leg injuries can be extremely painful and stressful to those of us unlucky enough to suffer them. More than that though, they can hamper our mobility so much that everyday tasks become very difficult or impossible. Leg injuries can happen in many different situations as well. Road traffic accidents and slips and fall accidents are the most common causes of leg injuries and leg injury compensation. There are many other ways to suffer a leg injury though, such as sporting accidents, accidents at work and through an industrial injury. If the injury occurred in an accident that was not you fault then you may be able to make a leg injury claim.

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Leg injuries can vary significantly in their severity, ranging from cuts and lacerations through to breaks and fractures. In severe cases amputation is sometimes necessary, and this is understandably a traumatic experience for those involved. As well as the better known injuries such as broken bones, damage to ligaments, tendons and muscles can be extremely painful and debilitating too. Broken leg compensationmay be available to sufferers of broken bones. Although leg injuries can be painful, it is often the lack of mobility and not being able to walk that is most stressful. This may mean time off work and suffering financial hardship because of this. In cases such as these, a leg injury claim can go some way to cover financial losses acquired by the incident.

A list of different leg injuries is available below:

  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Leg
  • Ankle
  • Foot

Hip – Slipping or falling is the most common way to injure a hip. Hip injuries can be particularly painful and uncomfortable. If you slipped or fell in a public place then you may be eligible for leg injury compensation.

Knee – An injury to the knee joint can hamper movement considerably and result in a knee injury compensation claim.

Leg – Medically speaking the leg is only the area between the knee and the ankle. Many injuries are referred to as leg injuries especially when it comes to broken bones. Breaks to the femur (upper leg), tibia and fibula (lower leg) may be eligible to make a leg injury claim for broken leg compensation.

Ankle – Ankle injuries include breaks, fractures and tendon damage. All of them affect the ability to move and walk greatly.

Foot – There are over 25 separate bones in the foot and toes. A break to any of these can be painful and extremely uncomfortable.

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Broken leg compensation

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