Groin Injury Claim

A groin injury is the term given to any injury in and around the groin area. The most common injury of this type is pulls and strains to muscles in the groin area, the adductors. A tear in one of these muscles can be extremely painful, and hamper movement significantly. A hernia can also be classed as a groin injury. A hernia is the name for the occurrence of an internal part of the body pushing through the tissue and muscle surrounding it. It can sometimes be visible with a lump and can be very painful. A groin injury claim may be possible if the injury was not your fault.

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Groin injuries occur when too much strain is put on the groin and abdominal muscles. This can be through extreme physical exertion such as lifting heavy objects, sporting activities or through a slip or fall stretching the muscles further than they will go. If your groin injury happened at work then you may be able to claimgroin injury compensation. Your employer has a legal responsibility to protect your health and safety at work and this includes protecting you from suffering a groin injury. For example, you may have been asked to move an object that was much too heavy to be lifted or moved safely. Or maybe you did not receive adequate training on lifting objects correctly and injured yourself as a result. Cases like these can result in a groin injury claim.

Groin injury compensation

Suffering a groin injury or hernia can mean having to take a significant time off work. Serious cases can even require surgery to ensure a full recovery. Time off work can obviously cause financial hardship. In cases where the injury was not your fault then compensation can be necessary to cover expenses and to aid your rehabilitation.

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The claim process

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