Crush Injury Compensation Claims

A crush injury occurs when a person/part of their body is caught between two heavy objects or surfaces. Crush injuries can have potentially devastating consequences, although the severity of injuries suffered can vary wildly. However you have been injured, Ashley Ainsworth can help you to claim the compensation you deserve.

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The injuries sustained in a crush can vary wildly, and some of the most common are shown below.

Compartment syndrome is a condition caused by suffering a crush like impact. It is when the nerves and blood vessels are compressed and they cut off oxygen to tissue in the body. This causes the tissue to die. Compartment syndrome can potentially cause paralysis, kidney failure and even death.

How a crush injury can happen

A crush injury can happen in many different ways. Many happen in the workplace, but they can happen in numerous other situations as well. Some of these are shown below. If the incident was not your fault then you may be able to claim crush injury compensation.

If the accident was not your fault then we can help you. If the incident happened in your workplace then your employer has a responsibility to protect your safety.

Making a crush injury compensation claim

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