Can I Claim for Slipping Over?

Slipping over (or tripping and falling for that matter) can result in much more serious injuries than you may believe. Broken bones in the arms, shoulders, feet and legs are common in such accidents and take months to fully recover from. Such a lengthy injury can have financial repercussions and therefore many people rightly want to know if they can claim for slipping over. Let’s take a look below.

Slipping at work

There are laws in place that aim to prevent people from injuring themselves by slipping over at work. This includes making sure all work areas are clean, safe and free from hazards. If your employer has failed in this duty and you have slipped and injured yourself as a result, then there is a good chance you can claim compensation.

Your employer is blocked by law from disciplining you for making a claim, and you can even claim back any earnings you lost through having to take time off work. Compensation is paid by the employer’s insurance company and not directly by them.

Slipping in shops and supermarkets

All retailers – whether a small corner shop or a multi-national supermarket – has the duty under the Occupiers Liability Act to protect your safety while in the store. This includes quickly cleaning up any spills and rubbish that occurs on the floor and marking wet floors with warning signs. If their failure to perform these basic duties has caused you injury then you may be able to claim compensation.

Slipping on pavements

Pavements need to be maintained to a safe standard by the relative authorities. If you have injured yourself on an unsafe or badly maintained pavement then it is possible you can claim compensation. Such claims can be problematical, and more detail about pavement accident claims is available here.

Slipping in other areas

Most public areas are subject to the same legal responsibilities outlined for all places mentioned above. This means that whether you slipped in a car park, officeschool, tourist attraction or any other location then it may be possible to claim compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

Next steps

If you have suffered any injury from slipping over, then the best thing to do is to seek free expert legal advice about your exact circumstances.

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